Meet the Presenter: Dr. Christine Miller

If you haven’t heard the news already, we are hosting an amazing free lecture at Governor’s House this Saturday, September 22nd! The lecture starts at 4pm, but we will be having an library open house starting at 2:30, complete with tours of the library space and light refreshments. We are excited to get to show you all the “behind the scenes” peak at the library collections space here at Governor’s House, and extra excited to have Dr. Christine Miller come and share her research and knowledge about the history of the Spanish Military Hospital and colonial era medicine, including native remedies! We asked her to answer a couple questions to prepare us for the talk, so read on and we will see you all on Saturday!

GH: What drew you to this research topic?
CM: I have always studied/researched colonial American history and feel the Spanish Military Hospital Museum is such a rich historic site.

GH: What drew you to St. Augustine?
CM: I moved here 5 years ago for my husband’s job, but instantly fell in love with this ancient city.

GH: What’s one modern convenience that you are most thankful for based on your research?
CM: I am very thankful for both antibiotics and anesthesia.

GH: If you could, once and for all, dispel one myth from the past what would it be?
CM: It is easy to look back at the past with a sense of superiority, but we owe a large debt of gratitude to those who came before us and helped build the foundation of modern medicine.

A color photographic portrait of Christine Miller.
Christine Miller, DPM, DMM, PhD FACCWS
Director -Limb Salvage
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Orthopedic Surgery
UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville

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