Test Your Knowledge of St. Augustine History

A black and white photograph of two women in colonial costumes holding a sign in the shape of a crest. The sign says HISTORIC ST. AUGUSTINE.
Sydney B. Raulerson (left) and Linda Dean (right) hold up a plaque for Historic St. Augustine, 1970. University of Florida Digital Collections.

In the 1970’s, historic guides working in Saint Augustine were required by the City to pass a multiple choice test on the history of the city and its people (they still require this for tour guides today). Members of the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board assisted in designing a new 40 question quiz, which was administered and certified by the City of St. Augustine Examining Board for Guides. The test was harder than you might think, and there was even an article published in the St. Augustine Record pronouncing it “no piece of cake” after all but one city commissioner failed the test. Do you think you could have passed the Preservation Board’s test? Try answering these 10 questions we’ve taken from the 1975 version below.

  • The oldest structure in St. Augustine is:
    1. The Oldest House
    2. The Castillo de San Marcos
    3. Government House
    4. The Avero House
  • Which is the best definition of the term “restoration” (in an architectural sense)?
    1. The maintenance of a building in its existing form
    2. The reproduction of a building that once existed on a site
    3. Modification of an existing structure to return it to a previous appearance
    4. To return a building to the use for which it was originally built
  • The Castillo de San Marcos withstood two sieges in which years?
    1. 1712 and 1740
    2. 1700 and 1763
    3. 1720 and 1750
    4. 1702 and 1740
  • Why was Spain unable to keep order in the Floridas during the Second Spanish Period?
    1. The governors were incompetent
    2. Spain refused to spend money on troops and supplies
    3. Spain was distracted by war and revolution elsewhere.
    4. American agitators kept the Indians stirred up.
  • The founder of Saint Augustine was:
    1. Ponce de León
    2. Pedro Menéndez de Avilés
    3. Pedro Sánchez de Casacola
    4. Angel de Villafañe
  • Under the Spanish, the governor of Florida:
    1. Had to be a military officer.
    2. Had to be a native of Florida
    3. Was elected by the St. Augustine cabildo
    4. Succeeded to his office through inheritance
  • Which of the following buildings is an original, not a reconstruction?
    1. Salcedo House
    2. Arrivas House
    3. Marin-Hassett House
    4. Spanish Military Hospital
  • During the first Spanish Period, the colonists’ most successful agricultural activity was:
    1. Wheat farming
    2. Indigo culture
    3. Cattle ranching
    4. Cotton raising
  • Which of the following events occurred last?
    1. The conquest of Peru
    2. The founding of a university in Mexico
    3. The founding of St. Augustine
    4. European discovery of the Pacific Ocean
  • The names Puente, Moncrief, Rocque, and Barrio are associated with:
    1. Maps of St. Augustine
    2. The exploration of Florida
    3. Colonial governors of Florida
    4. Merchants supplying St. Augustine
A sign with red font spelling out "HISTORIC ST. AUGUSTINE FLORIDA". It also includes a smaller crest with "HISTORIC ST. AUGUSTINE" written on it.
Emblem of Historic St. Augustine. University of Florida Digital Collections.

Think you got them all? Check the key below to see how you did.

2, 2, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3, 1

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